Senior Kwasi Peprah Abrefa-Kodom entered Prempeh in September 1988. He is a member of the 1993/95 class and was resident at Guggisberg, following in the steps of his older brother and father.
He was known as MC Kwapak Stone for his rap and dance skills, and also infamously known as Calibos, the Head of Medusa for not giving seniors food from his chop box.

After O’levels, he went to Presec for 6th form, becoming room mates with yours truly, Joe K and Jaws. Kwasi graduated with top honors for Art at A' levels. After A' levels, he left for the USA and arrived at Philadelphia enrolling at Temple University, initially as an Architecture student, and later switching to Computer Science. Upon graduation, he got a job at Johnson Matthey as an Engineer. After 9 years at Johnson Matthey, he decided to pursue his masters in Applied Mathematics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. IBM came knocking after completion and they moved down south to Montgomery, Texas. He was at IBM for 4 years as a Technical Specialist working on System Z Mainframes (the best computers ever!) and as a Software Architect.

With his IBM Career ending in 2015, he decided to embark on two journeys that he felt passionate about — Math and Real Estate. He is currently a 7th Grade Math Teacher and has a Real Estate License. He married his sweetheart in 2001, and they are blessed with 3 sons!

Meet Snr Kwabena Osei Mensa- Attaché Krow at the Amanfoo North America Reunion
Senior Kwabena Osei Mensah, entered Prempeh College in September 1988. He is a member of the formidable class of 93/95 and was in Pearson house. Attaché Krow, as he is called by his mates, has particularly "fond" memories of the "good" treatment he received in form 1! After Prempeh he did his sixth form at Adisadel College. Thereafter he left for the USA in pursuit of higher education.

He has a law degree from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and graduate and undergradaute degrees in economics from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Kwabena has a law practice based in Stamford, CT focusing on general business transactions. He helps clients with business structuring and incorporation. Kwabena also works on contract and consulting basis with law firms and financial institutions on litigation and regulatory compliance matters.

He has most recently worked with the law firms of Epstein Becker & Green and Dewey, Pegno & Kramarsky in New York City. Kwabena is admitted to practice law in the State of Connecticut. He is a retired amateur footballer with a lot of love for the folks at Stamford Bridge. No wonder he chooses to live with his family in Stamford, CT!

The Great Amanfoo North America Reunion is right around the corner!!

Meet Snr F. Yaw Berko Nketia ( Aggrey 77-79). Senior F. Yaw Berkoh Nketia has been in the middle of everything Prempeh in the US since 1989. He served as the General Secretary of the erstwhile Amanfoo Association in the U.S from 1997 to 2003. Their charge was to organize the Golden Jubilee in 1999 and raise funds for the school. The biggest thrill of that era was succeeding in having Rev. Pearson join them in Washington, DC for the celebration. Rev. Pearson shared a lot of the school’s history with those in attendance. Senior Nketia currently serves as the President of the ANA and a member of the Endowment Fund sub-committee.
Senior Nketia was admitted to Prempeh College in September 1972, and is a member of the 1977/79 class. He holds the dubious distinction among his classmates for plotting with another form one student to skip Prempeh altogether and head to the US by October 1972, barely a month after enrolling. Needless to say it failed and they both stayed at Aggrey house for the next seven years before making it to the US for their college education.

He has been front and center in providing help to Prempeh for the last twenty years. He was instrumental in his 1977 year group’s provision of the first computer lab at Prempeh in 2002 on their 25thanniversary. It had 50 two-year old PCs and networkmaterial. The old timers in the US will tell you that he is always in the midst of raising funds to procure itemslike athletic equipment and clothing, equipment for a language lab and many others to help out with the previous dismal English Language grades of the students. Senior Nketia was also instrumental in helping to persuade his ’77 year group to build a brand new Clinic for the college in 2012 on the 40th anniversary of their entry into Prempeh College. It included 12 hospital beds and other equipment for the “1977 Clinic”. The ’77 year group is making improvements to the Clinic for their 40th anniversary on September 28. He hopes to continue to help ANA grow its membership and to exceed the fund targets for the ANAPEF. Senior Nketia is an actuary with 32 years of experience. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA). He has served as Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer of a reinsurance company. His international experience includes works in France and Ireland. He has consulted in Ghana for SIC’s stock market flotation, SSNIT, National Insurance Commission (NIC) and the Bank of Ghana’s pension plan. He has published insurance related articles in Ghanaian newspapers and on Ghanaweb. He speaks frequently at insurance industry meetings on actuarial topics in the US and Ghana.
Senior Nketia has established a pipeline to recruit Ghanaian college graduates who are interested in actuarial science for graduate schools in the US. It started with two students coming to graduate school in 2009 and has now grown to more than 25 students in 2017. He serves as a mentor to most of them. Based on the performance of these students he avers that the current generation of mathematically adept students from Ghana is a lot smarter than his generation.

He was a super donor at our event last year giving several thousand dollars to ANA and ANAPEF.
He currently lives and works in Saint Louis, Missouri, and is avidly training around the clock in a bid to get in shape for the soccer game on Sunday 3rd September.

On September 6, 2015, Snr Michael Wiredu (Freeman 83/85), Snr Patrick Nana Yaw Barfi (Butler 91/93) and Snr Risco Osei-Darko (Ramseyer 92/94) drove about 400 miles to huddle with seniors of the 1993/95 group who were at their annual class reunion in Columbus Ohio. 

Their mission was simple: to network with seniors of the formidable 93/95 group and discuss building a vibrant Amanfoo network this side of the hemisphere. 

These venerable seniors had been involved in founding and building Amanfoo East Coast and were looking to take it to the next level. It was in that spirit that they sought to bond with the 93/95 group. From that effort, began the process which rebirthed Amanfoo North America, Inc. To say that 400 mile journey they took has borne fruit is an understatement. 

Suffice it to say these seniors have been integral to the workings and success of Amanfoo North America! 

Senior Mike was the chairman of the ANA interim board from 2015 through September 2016. He was a cross country runner for Freeman House. He claims he could have outpaced Mo Farrah in his heydays. He has a diploma from the Institute of Marketing Studies. He is very passionate about charitable causes and was a coordinator for the Israeli Guide Dog Center for the Blind in the 90s. Mike is currently CEO of Rest Assured Healthcare Services LLC in Springfield, VA which offers home care to the poor and infirm. 

Senior Barfi was a member of the school football team back in Prempeh. He is an IT tech specialist and was involved in developing the ID Vault which ensures web users log in to legitimate web sites, by establishing an SSL connection with the intended Website. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in cyber security at the University of Maryland. 

Senior Risco has always been a team player and was Ramseyer Assistant House Prefect in 1993. He is a man of many parts, and has impeccable linguistic skills: he offered French at A levels, speaks fluent Asante Twi and decently holds his own in Spanish. He has been in road construction for several years and is currently a project engineer with NMP Engineering Ltd, a road construction company in Maryland. 

This venerable trio is the fulcrum around which most on-the-ground plans are executed. They have been actively involved in the workings of this association, and help effect decisions taken at board level and general meetings. 

This coming Labor Day, when we all join up with fellow Amanfoo, sample the edible delicacies available, enjoy the camaraderie, listen in to meetings, jam to the good music and contribute to the ANAPEF, we ought to remember the good work these seniors put in!

Seniors Mike, Risco and Nana Yaw ayekoo! You have been true soldiers and Amanfoo North America is indebted to you!

Meet Snr Richard Kyei Fordjour (88-90) at the Amanfoo North America Reunion on September 1-4.
Senior Richmond Kyei Fordjour is a member of the 88/90 year group, and was an ardent member of the cadet corps who delighted in giving "goros" at Prempeh. He completed a Bachelor's degree in Engineering at UST, and upon migrating to the United States, first pursued a Master's degree in the same field, worked as an R&D engineer thereafter for almost three years, and then proceeded to attend Business School emerging with an MBA with a Finance focus.

Upon graduating from Business School, he started a career in Quantitative Finance, beginning with a short stint at Fannie Mae, in Washington, DC, and then moving to Lehman Brothers in New York City, where he quickly rose to VP. He stayed at Lehman until the bank went under at the peak of the 2008 financial crisis. Emerging from the tumult that surrounded the cascade of events characterizing the 2008 crisis, he moved to Barclays Capital, for only a brief period. He soon left for a role as Director of Methodologies at Interactive Data Pricing, LLC and remained at this firm till it was recently acquired by, and became part of, the Intercontinental Exchange-NYSE franchise. Through this period, he has moved into a role as Sr Principal Quant at the firm, currently pursuing the creation of a Bayesian Machine Learning paradigm to model Agency RMBS prepayment rates to price these securities and related CMOs.

While pursuing his career goals, he has also continued to pursue further educational aspirations, completing a third Master's degree in Statistics & Applied Maths, and most recently enrolling in an Economics PhD program, where he's currently in third year and specializing in the Financial Economics field.

The Great Amanfoo North America Reunion is almost here, Sept 1-4, Are you ready?

As we count down to the dinner, it's my pleasure to announce the MC for the occasion.

Meet Snr G. Kwame Boateng (84/86), our in-house MC. Snr Kwame Boateng came to Prempeh College in 1979 and graduated in 1986. Snr Adele P, as he is affectionately called by his Sofoline friends, was the Ramseyer House Prefect in 85/86. He says he's extremely indebted to his parents for sending him to Sofoline during his formative years. Every important issue around him, he says, has a Sofoline connection. Daily, he draws on the hard nose Ramseyer House training for survival. Snr Adele graduated from UST School of Pharmacy in 1991. Upon graduating, he chose internship at Apotek Hjorten in Norrkoping, Sweden over a Pharmacology Teaching Assistantship at KNUST. He acquired a lot of his clinical skills from Apotek Hjorten and the University of Uppsala, Sweden. In Sweden, he dazzled his coworkers with stories about his Sofoline Experience. He settled in Chicago in 1992 and finally moved to Dallas in 1994. He's been working as a pharmacist for the past 23 years for Eckerd, CVS and Walmart. After obtaining his MBA from the University of Texas in 1999, he worked as the Director of Pharmacy for Kindred Hospital in Mansfield, TX for two years. He's currently a pharmacy manager with Walmart.
As pharmacist preceptor, Snr Adele has mentored and trained several new pharmacy graduates. He's currently an adjunct clinical instructor at Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.

Snr Adele has been very instrumental in organizing Amanfoo in Texas. Amanfoo Texas is arguably the most active and vibrant group in America prior to ANA2016. He's the admin of the famous Prempeh Facebook page, Prempeh Amanfoo. This page always brings the sights and sounds of the latest happenings of Prempeh to the Global Sofoline community. He was a member of the ANA constitution committee as well as the committee tasked with looking for competent seniors for the Endowment Fund Board. He's a faithful and a long suffering husband, qualities he acquired as a dyed in the wool Arsenal fan. Unfortunately, these days there's not much to celebrate from the Emirates stadium. COYG, Go Gunners! He also loves Football 🏈, especially college football. He's passionate about Arkansas Razorback Football. He's blessed with 3 wonderful children. Seniors, come hit the dance floor with Adele P as we contribute towards ANAPEF this Labor Day! weekend!